10 Best Indoor Air purifier Plants

air purifier plant

Here we have made the list of “10 best indoor air purifier plants”. These plants are an efficient air purifier and listed in NASA’s indoor air purifier plants list. the small indoor plants helps in keeping you healthy as well as they are quite stylish.

These days the air pollution limit is touching the sky and due to this, you may get affected by several kinds of diseases. so, if you want to keep yourself and your family healthy the only way is to plant trees outdoor or indoor. these indoor plants are neither costly nor require any maintenance. moreover, these are easily available in your local nursery or you may go online. according to the same research, one medium size plant can clean the air of 100 m area, so you may decide your requirement.

The list of 10 best indoor air purifier plants


1. ZZ plant air purifier: The Zamioculcas zamiifolia is one of the toughest indoor plants out there. They can be kept in areas with both low and high amounts of light.

The ZZ plant removes Toluene and Xylene from indoor air and obviously it cleans the air.


Areca-Palm2.  Areca palm: The areca palm, also known as Chrysalidocarpus (Dypsis) lutescnes, thrives in interior environments with direct light. This plant can efficiently remove airborne toxins by transpiring at a high rate makes it a favourite indoor plant.  This plant is quite stylish and can be seen easily in many places. they require very less attention, not regular watering, but its soil should always be moist.

the pollutants removed by Areca Plam is Benzene and Formaldehyde.


rubber plant

3. Rubber plant:  Rubber plants also work as an air purifier. There are two types of rubber plants are generally available in India first one is Burgandy colour and the other one is variegated. It requires moist soil, it is a fast-growing indoor plant, also require a sport while growing but it should not be kept under direct sunlight.

it removes formaldehyde from the air (formaldehyde comes from petroleum by-products). 


Fiddle leaf fig4. Fiddle leaf fig: this plant has a beautiful broadleaf. for care this plant requires a humid and warm place, it should not be kept at dark place. it also requires well-drained soil but water only when the soil is dry.

it removes air pollutants as well as fungus from the air which comes due to humidity


Monstera Adsoni5. Monstera Adsonii air purifier: The Swiss cheese plant, Monstera adansonii, gets its name from its large, heart-shaped leaves, which as it ages, become covered with holes that resemble Swiss cheese. these plants have many variants.  it always requires little moist soil and should be placed under indirect sunlight but well lid place.


spider plant6. Spider plant: Spider plants are the best option for newbies and those with a bad track record when it comes to plants. They require indirect sunlight and survive in just about any condition (they’ve been known to survive in temperatures as low as 2 degrees).

The impurities removed is formaldehyde and xylene.


plants to control snoring sound7. Pineapple plant: If you are irritated with snoring sounds at night then this plant is definitely for you guys. Although these plants don’t remove any toxins from the air NASA claims that “pineapple plants produce oxygen and boost air quality at night which could improve sleep quality and cut out those snores.” These plants are very hardy and survive with very little water but they could not survive in cold.


air purifier plants8. Snake plant: these plants can grow up to 2 meters in height. It is a low maintenance plant that is hardy and thrives on neglect. Place them in somewhere tolerating bright even direct light for a couple of hours a day. Be careful not to overwater as they thrive in dry conditions.

Impurities removed: formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, benzene and xylene.


bamboo palm9. Bambo Palm: These plants have a very high growth rate (between four and 12 feet high) making them absolute formaldehyde filtering machines. They make great indoor additions as they are pet-friendly and are one of the few air cleaners that love a good dose of full sunlight.

impurities removed: formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and benzene.


indoor air purifier10. Philodendron: The heart-shaped philodendron is a luscious addition to indoor spaces. Philo’s are relatively easy to look after they just need moderate water and bright, indirect sunlight.

impurities removed: formaldehyde.

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