how to save money on petrol

We know in our country India the Petrol price is touching sky-high. Right now it’s around 85Rupees/L and chances to increase in future it may go around 100rupees/l. Although the price of Crude Oil in international market has been decreased, earlier it was in 2007 ($64.20 to $75.66)per Barrel and in 2008 ($91.48 to $103.67)per Barrel. At that time the Indian government uses to provide subsidy on the price of petroleum so that common people can afford it. Right now though the price of Crude Oil in international market has been decreased it’s now ($42.73 to $42.63)/Barrel, but still the price of petroleum is increasing and its higher than earlier and these all are because now the government has increased taxes on Petrol and Diesel. Hope to see some changes in government policies in future to get relief. Anyway, we can not change the price but by using the following 4simple tricks we can save money on Petrol. It’s mainly for bikers or two-wheelers. Here you go with 4 simple tricks to save money on Petrol, gasoline.


increasing petrol price0.1 Always try to make your tank full

If it’s possible then don’t take fuel in loose quantity or in lesser amount like 1L, 2L or of 50, 100 rupees so on. You can guess that if you are taking fuel in such lose quantity you will feel that the average of your vehicle is decreased, but whenever you will fill the tank full the average is increased. It has one best reason that you don’t have to waste your fuel and time on regularly going to Petrol pumps and also the workers there uses to do cheating, so the lesser you go more you save.

0.2 Try to take fuel in litres, not in terms of money

 Most people say that they (Petrol Pump) uses to have some settings to save money if you take fuel in a round figure. if one takes fuel of say 100 rupees, 200 rupees and so on then the petrol pump worker can cheat some amount. If you take of rupees 109, 211 and so on it is safe.



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0.3 Take fuel on 1st no of locking lever

At the handle of pipe (through which Petrol goes from the fuel reservoir to vehicle tank) uses to have settings of 1 to 3 no which they use to hold with hand while giving fuel. So if it’s at 1st no then its best otherwise if on 3rd no then they can cheat some amount of fuel though it is very small in quantity as the cost is so high the little amount also matters.

0.4 Run your vehicle on a higher gear.

We all know that if the vehicle is running at higher speed, its engine RPM will be high and it will consume more fuel. And we know all gears have its own high and low-speed ratio of, so we can save fuel at running at higher gear with low RPM of engine i.e at the lower speed ratio of gear. But practice these things only if you can do otherwise don’t invite an accident after all life is more precious.

Hope this small 4 simple tricks to save money on Petrol, fuel.. save money on petrol will help you to keep your pocket safe.

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