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Hello reader this is Anmol Tiwary. I am a mechanical engineer by profession. I love to gather information about technology and share them. My aim is to work for green energy as much as possible and create awareness for it. I am also a can contact me @ anmolti[email protected]

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evidence of life ohio university

Life on Mars? Scientists claim NASA image shows evidence of life on Mars

The existence of life on Mars or the outer universe is the most scrambling topic for researchers. On Tuesday 19th November once again an...

How to download videos from YouTube?

The tricks to download videos from youtube are mentioned below.  By using these you can not only download videos but also edit and convert...
chukchi sea phytoplakton bloom

Microbes at the bottom of the ocean could be responsible for Arctic cloud formation

Scientists have identified a surprising new mechanism that could be affecting cloud formation and weather patterns in the Arctic: bacteria from the ocean floor.When...
new state of matter

Researchers discovered a new state of matter: a cooper-pair metal

For years, physicists have assumed that Cooper pairs, the electron duos that enable superconductors to conduct electricity without resistance, were two-trick ponies. The pairs...
arctic oldest ice

The oldest ice area of Arctic may melt by 2030, according to current study

The Arctic Ocean's oldest and thickest sea ice lies along the ~2,000 km arc from the western Canadian Arctic Archipelago to the northern coast...