7 min of intensive exercise

Do you know short intensive exercise is much better than normal long exercise? In a study at Cambridge University, used fitness tracker data to show that, when it comes to longevity, it’s not how much exercise you get but the intensity that matters.

If you change your 12min strolling into a 7 min power walk or run every day. It will decrease the chance of an early death by around 30 per cent, a study has found.

According to the research, the study will have an influence on fitness tracker wearables. It will help the smart bands to track people’s health more precisely.

‘Our results show that higher volumes of activity energy expenditure are associated with lower mortality rates,’ the researchers concluded in their paper.

Moreover, they added, ‘achieving the same energy expenditure through higher-intensity activity is associated with even greater benefits than through lower-intensity activity.’

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In their study, epidemiologist Tessa Strain of the University of Cambridge along with his colleagues analysed the fitness and health data from UK Biobank of 96,476 participants. This research work which includes the accumulation of biological samples into a large repository — seeks to identify the genetic and environmental factors that contribute to the development of the disease.

The team used the fitness tracker data. They took the reading of the acceleration of the device-wearing wrist— to calculate each participant’s physical activity energy expenditure and how much of such came from moderate-to-vigorous-intensity physical activity.

It was very lengthy and time taking experiment in which participants were well followed-up for an average of 3.1 years — during which, 732 of the subjects died. The researchers found that higher levels of physical activity were associated with a lower risk of mortality, regardless of the cause of death.

In fact, the team also concluded that the equivalent of adding an extra two minutes of brisk walking onto the end of 35 minutes walk each day could lower your risk of an early death by around 21 per cent.

Your fitness band or smartwatch can be personalized to measure your daily energy expenditure to the requirement of your body. You can find the published paper in journal Nature Medicine.


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