Blade-less wind turbine pictographical representation

With the growth of population, the demand of the energy has increased to a greater extent which is provided at a cost of higher fossil depletion rate.

The need for the development of new technologies which would be more energy and cost efficient.

Here we are talking about harnessing Wind energy.In a more advanced way, most of you know that turbines have blades which on adjusting Or modifying provides efficiency in certain tolerance limit. But have you ever known that the wind energy can be harnessed with the wind turbine but without having blades.

Yes, you heard it right the Vortex Blade-less is a new technology which involves induced vibration resonant wind generator. It harnesses energy from a phenomenon known as vortex shedding this blade-less technology.This consists of a cylinder fixed vertically with an elastic rod. The cylinder oscillates according to a wind range which then generates electricity through an alternate system. In other words, it is the wind turbine which is not actually a turbine.

This type of wind turbine, when compared with solar panels, are cost-effective and have similar features.

Structure and geometry of Blade less Wind Turbine

The outer cylinder of this turbine is sufficiently rigid.It has the ability to vibrate on facing the wind but remaining hinged at the bottom road. The top of the cylinder has a free end and has the ability to vibrate at its maximum capacity i.e. it has maximum amplitude of the oscillation. The materials used in building this kind of turbine consist of carbon or glass fiber. Also those materials which are used in building a conventional type of Wind turbine.

The top of the rod is firmly hinged to the ground and which is built with carbon fiber reinforced polymer.It provides a great fatigue resistance.This causes the energy loss negligible while oscillating . Since in this turbine the components are very less compared to the conventional type, it reduces the usage of raw materials to a significant extent.

Energy conversions

Now we know that this type of Wind turbine captures Energy by phenomena known as vertex shading. When the frequency of these forces are close enough to the body structural frequency. The mast starts to oscillate and achieves resonance with the wind. This is also known as vertex induced vibration.


As of now, the energy generated by an alternator System which is made with coils and magnets. This type of generator is currently considered as small wind turbine.

For now, there is one more topic remaining which consists of frequency modifications and tunings.

I will be certainly updating this post within a few days as I need to study its concept in Depth.

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