Saturday, March 28, 2020


    The automobile section of “Technology and us” covers some interesting knowledgable and futuristic facts about automobile. These are multilingual categories and most of the posts are in more than 5 languages. the language switching facility is provided on the Technology and us website

    Do you know the Chinese toy was the first car

    1st car
    I know it sounds quite funny or surprising for you, that really Chinese toy was the first car. But the answer is yes... (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); We all know the fact China...

    Upcoming 2020 Aston Martin mid-engine Hybrid Supercar

    As the battle of hybrid supercar has already started all the sports car making companies are either has launched their hybrid model or have started to manufacture thus, Aston Martin is also developing a mid-engine hybrid supercar with Red Bull Racing. Aston Martin mid-engine Hybrid SupercarThis hybrid...

    Upcoming Supercar of Lamborghini, Aventador SVJ

    The famous Italian automaker company Lamborghini is all set to launch its new warrior in the sports car. It has been caught testing by spy camera, it's new flagship Supercar which will be called Aventador SVJ the car seems to be revealed before the...

    Upcoming future hypercars. launch date, technology and…

    A luxurious high performance sports car or super car. There is no end of competition and demand in this market. Every super car manufacturers are always eager to make a Roadcrusher Bull which is all set to establish a new landmark and break the...