Saturday, March 28, 2020
    Renewable Energy

    Renewable Energy

    renewable energy is the future, and our aim is to deliver you constantly quality information of this field. the published blogs in this category are simple and innovative ideas which can be copied by any individual. this category is multilingual the original one is in English.

    sea wave turbine

    Turbine developed by Japanese engineers will generate electricity from sea waves

    As we know 'sea' is a great source of energy and research are trying to harvest that clean energy in an efficient way. Currently, a team of Japanese researchers from the 'Okinawa Institute of Science...

    Whirlpool turbine an innovation to enlight the rural areas

    Today, more than 85% of renewable energy comes from rivers and most of the hydropower plants are situated in the hilly areas because hydel plants need the potential difference in the water level to...
    enlil wind turbine

    Generate Electricity from moving vehicles using Enlil wind turbine

    As we know the demand for energy is increasing day by day, and we have a Limited amount of non-renewable resources of energy available. The consumption of more energy generated from non-renewable resources creates...