Saturday, February 29, 2020
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    Renewable Energy

    Renewable Energy

    renewable energy is the future, and our aim is to deliver you constantly quality information of this field. the published blogs in this category are simple and innovative ideas which can be copied by any individual. this category is multilingual the original one is in English.

    Whirlpool turbine an innovation to enlight the rural areas

    Today, more than 85% of renewable energy comes from rivers and most of the hydropower plants are situated in the hilly areas because hydel plants need the potential difference in the water level to...
    enlil wind turbine

    Generate Electricity from moving vehicles using Enlil wind turbine

    As we know the demand for energy is increasing day by day, and we have a Limited amount of non-renewable resources of energy available. The consumption of more energy generated from non-renewable resources creates...

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    biggest explosion in universe

    Astronomers detect the biggest explosion in-universe since Big Bang in Ophiuchus galaxy

    Researchers at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research have discovered the largest explosion ever observed in the universe since the Big Bang.The explosion...
    alien planet

    A large rocky planet found 124 light years away having WATER and ‘could hold...

    A large rocky planet twice the size of the Earth has been discovered orbiting inside its star's habitable zone and could have the right...
    mit decision map

    MIT researchers developed “decision map” software to deflect killer asteroids bound for Earth

    Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)have developed a computer program that will help to decide the best mission for deflecting a catastrophic asteroid...
    air gen

    Scientists built a Genius device that can generate electricity ‘out of thin air’

    Can you think of generating electricity from the paint on your wall, and the method is completely renewable. this sounds something fishy or like...
    Europe Regulates High-Risk AI

    Europe Regulates High-Risk AI

    The European Commission has unveiled its plan to strictly regulate artificial intelligence (AI), distinguishing itself from more freewheeling approaches to the technology in the...