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meteorites eating microorganism

Recently scientists have discovered a microorganism that grows by eating Meteorites

The microbe Metallosphaera sedula is known to have a penchant for eating minerals. We're not talking about garden-variety granite or chalk, though. This particular mineral...
why Sun's outer layer is warmer than inner layer

Scientists solved the 60-year-old mystery ” why Sun’s outer layer is warmer than inner...

A Queen's University Belfast scientist has revealed the theory behind one of the most complex questions of the universe. 'why the interior of the...
lb1 black hole

Astronomers found stellar black hole (LB1) so massive, it should not exist”

In solving the mysteries of the universe, astronomers have spotted a massive black hole in the Milky Way galaxy with a mass of about...
bacteria ecoil

Newly created carbon dioxide eating bacteria could reduce green house gases

Israeli scientists have developed a special type of bacteria that eats only carbon dioxide. It was reported by the Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS)...
fifth force of nature

scientists claim to have found the fifth force of nature

Scientists claim they have observed a fifth force of nature that could transform our understanding of how the universe works. Researchers at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences...