enlil wind turbine

As we know the demand for energy is increasing day by day, and we have a Limited amount of non-renewable resources of energy available. The consumption of more energy generated from non-renewable resources creates more pollution too, so the whole world is looking forward to developing a fresh renewable pollution-free method to generate energy. enlil wind turbine

Wind energy is free fresh and renewable resources thus, Windmill is being used for a long time to generate electricity and they are mainly located in the coastal areas where the wind speed is very high. But can you think to locate the wind turbine on roadways or high ways? Will it be efficient enough to generate electricity?

Yes, it is a new form of the wind turbine has been created by a Turkish company Deveci Tech form Istanbul, the name of the turbine is ENLIL wind turbine, also known as Enlil vertical wind turbine. The manufacture of this device is Devecitech.

Working of Enlil Turbine

This turbine uses the wind pressure generated by the fast-moving vehicles on roads such as big trucks and busses to help most to rotate its blade. It is designed with vertical long blades such that it can use the maximum amount of wind energy.

Enlil wind turbine covers the lesser area on the ground and is easy to handle it can easily be assembled and disassembled that which makes it more durable. Solar Panel is also fixed at the top of the turbine to generate extra electricity. This device can produce 1 kilowatt of electricity per hour.

Apart from this, the Enlil wind turbine also has some inbuilt sensors like carbon footprint sensor which is used to sense the amount of CO2 level in the atmosphere, it can also detect earthquake and IoT platform, these are given to ensure the comfort level of the city. As the company, Deveci Tech is dedicated to developing smart cities from fresh and renewable resources. 

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 Design and construction of Enlil turbine

The desired direction of the wind is obtained by a means for channeling wind, in the direction of the wind turbine. Channeling of wind in the desired direction may be obtained by, at least one truncated cone or pyramid-shaped housing or a pair of planar members converging towards the blades of the wind turbine. 

The aerodynamic profile is formed with a rear side, is much more curved than the front side facing the wind. Two portions of air molecules side by side in the airflow moving towards the profile at point A will separate and pass around the profile and will once again be side by side at point B after passing the profile‟s trailing edge.

As the rear side is more curved than the front side on a wind turbine blade, this means that the air flowing over the rear side has to travel a long distance from point A to B than the air flowing over the front side. Therefore this airflow over the rear side must have a higher velocity if these two different portions of the air shall be reunited at point B. Greater velocity produces a pressure drop on the rear side of the blade, and it is this pressure drop that produces the lift. The highest speed is obtained at the rounded front edge of the blade.

The blade of Enlil turbine is almost sucked forward by the pressure drop resulting from this greater front edge speed. There is also a contribution resulting from a small over-pressure on the front side of the blade. Compared to an idling blade the aerodynamic forces on the blade under operational conditions are very large. Most wind turbine owners have surely noticed these forces during a start-up in good wind conditions.

The Enlil wind turbine will start to rotate very slowly at first, but as it gathers speed it begins to accelerate faster and faster. The change from slow to fast acceleration is a sign that the blade‟s aerodynamic shape comes into play, and that the lift greatly increases when the blade meets the headwind of its own movement.

The fast acceleration, near the wind turbine‟s operational rotational speed, places great demands on the electrical cut-in system that must capture and engage the wind turbine without releasing excessive peak electrical loads to the grid. Rotation of rotor The desired direction may be transverse or parallel to the direction of the plane of rotation of blades depending upon the type of wind turbine used or the direction of the wind, or it the design of the wind turbines.

The turbines are connected to the electric generator to generate electricity. The generated electricity may be used directly or stored in batteries which can be used at the time of need.

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 Enlil wind turbine

Applications of Enlil Wind turbine

enlil applicationThese Enlil wind turbines can be installed near the park, sea-shore, rooftops household. These are mainly designed to be located at the roadside and beside railway tracks so that it can generate the maximum amount of electricity by the wind energy getting from the moving vehicles.

The big vehicles like buses, trucks can provide a lot of wind energy, the speeding vehicles on the highway can provide enough energy to drive these turbines in a high-speed the generated energy can be used to power the street lights or it can be transported to some other places also. enlil wind turbine

The Enlil wind turbine is still under development phase and the researches on it are going on to improve the design and make it more efficient and durable.

Turkish inventor, Gelecegin Yenilenebilir Sehirleri, the man behind the vertical wind turbine, named it ENLIL after the name of a Mesopotamian god of wind and storms.


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    • its blade is made of recyclable carbon fiber.
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