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Google maps just got DESI, Adds three new features and now tells auto rickshaw fare

This is the new feature introduced by Google Maps in past hours.

Recently Google announced three new features for its Google maps application.

The most popular search engine giant Google this time announced some new features For Its Indian fans. This can be a good news for the commuters in India.

The first feature in Google maps now tells how much time we could exactly take to reach the destination by bus after taking into consideration all the traffic conditions in real time. The second one tells how much it would cost to travel via auto rickshaw to some destination.

As of now the computers can check the delays for train journeys and Metro journeys in real time.

As of now, a mixed mode navigation has been introduced. The feature will help the user to find out the best route by suggesting when and where to take auto rickshaw while on a journey.

Real time bus travel

feature the commuters will know that how much time will that take to cover their destinations distance. In case of heavy traffic the Google maps will show alert in a red coloured symbol and in case of no delay a green coloured symbol will be displayed.

The navigation for Auto rickshaw feature will be of great use for those people who frequently needs to switch between auto and auto or Metro this feature will let the commuters know when and where to get down in order to catch the three wheeler. And yes the fare Will be displayed for the travel by an auto rickshaw.

Google now a days is trying hard to make it position even better and make its market even larger in India. By providing new features which are more friendly to Indian commuters.

This piece of information has been taken from the financial express

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