internet of things in 2020

The most sensational topic on internet is the Internet of Things (IoT) represents the next phase of the internet revolution. The technology makes possible to bring physical devices to the digital realm. A world where devices will talk to each other without human interference. Their purpose is to make life much easier safer and minimize the waste of resources.

To understand it better how the ‘Internet of Things’ is going to change your life. Just look at some basic terms.

What is Internet of Things?

The most common answer to this on internet is more confusing with more technical terms and loosely defined language. Now just take some examples to have a clear image of IoT.

Nowadays, everybody is aware of the internet. How are you reading this post? You might be using any device like computer, mobile or tablet but all of them will be connected with internet. Your system is downloading information from internet and showing you. In the same way, suppose someone is driving his car and it is connected to internet. Unfortunately, he met with an accident, then the car will automatically call the police station and send the report of the accident along with the location. it will also call the ambulance. just like a talking car in any SciFi-movies. This is the concept of Internet of things.

The Internet of Things IoT is basically a concept in which all the electronic and mechanical devices are connected with internet and a central computer system, they send and receive signals automatically and perform the various required actions. Without human involvement. The concept requires a lot of programming, sensors and super-fast internet.

consider one more example to understand it more clearly. If you leave in a smart home, some time by mistake, you left your home lights and other appliances or Garage open. Then with the help of sensors, the system will automatically detect if there is no activity in your room and it will switch off your lights and doors and send messages to you. when you return back just simply press the unlock button on your mobile and it will be reopened.

Applications of IoT

The application of IoT is limitless, it can be applied anywhere in any format. you can not even think about a single thing where it can not be applied. In the coming time, it will become an integrated part of our life.

Smart Home:

samsung smart home iotThe concept to connect all your home appliances to the internet and a centralized computer system to make your life easy and systematic. In a smart home, all your electronic appliances are wired up to a central computer control system so that they can be automatically monitored. like switch off and on of your lights, fan, heater, etc. the security cameras can monitor any suspicious activity in your home and if anything unusual finds it can directly call to police and send you the warning message. some more examples are already mentioned above.

Smart City:

smart cities technology and us internet of thingsIf you had visited Dubai you must be familiar with this. A dream city where machines will talk to humans and themselves. IoT in smart cities will monitor everything from water distribution and traffic management to waste management and environmental monitoring. The reason why it is so popular is that it tries to remove the discomfort and problems of people who live in cities. IoT solutions offered in the smart city sector solve various city-related problems, comprising of traffic, reducing air and noise pollution, and helping to make cities safer.

Smart grids:

smart gridThe Smart Grid is part of an IoT framework, which can be used to remotely monitor and manage everything from lighting, traffic signs, traffic congestion, parking spaces, road warnings, and early detection of things like power influxes as the result of earthquakes and extreme weather. The Smart Grid does this through a network of transmission lines, smart meters, distribution automation, substations, transformers, sensors, software and more that are distributed to businesses and homes across the city.

Smart Grid technologies all contribute to efficient IoT energy management solutions that are currently lacking in the existing framework.

Connected car:

iot carsThe vast and most experimental application of internet of things. An extensive network of multiple sensors, antennas, embedded software, and technologies that assist in communication to navigate in our complex world. the sensors connected in cars will continuously check the health of your car and send its report to the company. it will also send alarming messages to the car owner if the air pressure of the car is low, if the engine oil needs to be changed or for any kind of issue in the car. of course the concept of self-driving car is one of its parts. which is already running in many countries.

IoT in Health care industry:

healthcare iotInternet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices has made remote monitoring in the healthcare sector possible, unleashing the potential to keep patients safe and healthy, and empowering physicians to deliver superlative care. Devices in the form of wearables like fitness bands and other wirelessly connected devices like blood pressure and heart rate monitoring cuffs, glucometer etc. give patients access to personalized attention. These devices can be tuned to remind calorie count, exercise check, appointments, blood pressure variations and much more.


The companies working on Internet of Things

There are a ton of startups and big companies working on it. A number of projects on IoT are already going on in I.T. companies like Wipro, Capgemini, TCS, etc. Some other famous companies fully dedicated to it are:

vironitVironIT is a custom software development company with a primary focus on delivering Internet of Things development services. VironIT has successfully carried out over 500 successful projects to over 300 high-profile companies in eHealth, Sports, Banking, Retail, Marketing, Gaming and other industries.

r style lab iot applicationR style labOne of the leading companies in this industry is working on vast application of IoT like.

Smart Home IoT solutions, including firmware for standalone home appliances and mobile apps facilitating their management, central hubs orchestrating devices within a Smart Home system and complex Home Automation solutions with self-learning capabilities.

Healthcare & Fitness IoT apps supporting fault-free sensor data acquisition, management and presentation, multi-level IoT systems for hospitals and beauty salons and embedded software for portable trackers.

Industrial IoT solutions, including drone-based inspection and delivery solutions powered by Computer Vision technologies.

Retail IoT solutions, including smart inventory management solutions for warehouses and stores and sensor-based Predictive Maintenance systems.

Software for all kinds of wearables, including middleware facilitating device-to-device communication, data capturing and processing and dedicated mobile apps.

DashRoad is a plug-and-play smart vehicle management and driver analytics tool that users can implement to save money on their car insurance with partners of DashRoad. The DashRoad black box plugs into the on-board diagnostic port and then projects vehicle information to the appropriate devices.

Since DashRoad uses a SIM-enabled networking setup, there is no need to use DashRoad only with a connected vehicle. Vehicles made since 1996 should all be compatible.

orbita iot deviceOrbita is a leading IoT company in the Health industry that lets users create and keep up virtual assistants that integrate with major smart home technologies such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. Orbita offers its services to help enhance the lives of chronic care recipients and their care providers by helping the care providers integrate voice-activated technologies into their environment.

Orbita solutions integrate with wearables, home health monitors, and other smart home technologies to provide the best awareness possible. Orbita is HIPAA compliant, including consumer and patient data privacy requirements.


The possibilities of IoT in 2020

Though there is great risk of data vulnerability, but according to the survey done by some industry experts and market research companies like Gartner, IDC, Forbes, and ABI, etc., predict that anything between 20 to 50 billion devices will be connected by 2020, and that investment in IoT systems and devices may be in the $250 billion+ area.

It will create a great demand for skilled employees and data scientists. But Humans may feel like a slave of IoT.

The dream of smart your smart home, smart cities will be true now.


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