The tricks to download videos from youtube are mentioned below.  By using these you can not only download videos but also edit and convert them according to your need. There are more than two billion videos viewed on YouTube every day. Anyone with an Internet-enabled device can easily upload and share videos with the world in a matter of seconds. But one restriction that YouTube imposes on its users is that you are not allowed to download any videos. It would be so amazing if we could keep the videos of our choice on offline storage. how to download videos from YouTube
There are a number of video-downloading websites like

  1. Any video downloader
  2. free online video download
  3. keepvid here you can edit video also
  4. Zamzar it converts the videos too.
  5. saveform

These websites allow you to download videos from popular video-streaming websites. Just copy-paste the URL of the streaming video that you wish to download into any of these video-downloading websites, choose the format you want the downloaded video to be in and start downloading.
For example, start your browser and search for In the space provided enter the URL web address of any video that you wish to download and click on download. The website will retrieve the videos and you will be given the option to download it in any format of your choice (.flv, .mp4, etc.). Select the format and click on the Download button to start your download.

Instead of downloading the video, you may also want to extract and download just the audio from a video that you are watching on YouTube. This can convert video to mp3. Once you connect to this website, simply copy-paste the web address of the video from which you wish to extract and download the audio portion, and click on the Download button.

How to download videos from youtube on android device?

Now you must be thinking in this fast-moving world wouldn’t it be so convenient if you were able to download the video directly to my android cellular device. There is this App called Videoder ( which after installing can enable a person to download the desired video from any website and at any resolution.

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