Now a days mobile has became a part of our life we cant live without it, we have became so much dependent on it that on average we spend our 40-60% of time on it in different forms. In that case if any thing goes wrong with it, we get distrubed, so here are some amazing and necessary mobile hacks which will help you.

Steps to unlock Android 5 lollipop lock screen

  1. First on your Android click on emergency dial option.
  2. Then keep on typing any Random numbers until it reaches its maximum limit.

3. Now just copy all the numbers you have typed.

4. Now open the camera, that you can access any time.

5. Now try to drag the screen downward and you it will ask you to enter a password. Paste there the code that you had copied.

6. Now if the camera app does not crashes then repeat steps from 1 to 5 with pressing volume keys while pasting the character code.

7. Keep on repeating the steps until the camera app crashes and you will move to main menu with unlock the                screen.

8. And that’s it, you have done. Your Android phone is unlocked.


Increase the mobile charging speed

Though some of the Latest smartphones have smart fast charging feature pre installed, but in some other smartphones it lacks. And the charging of a smartphone is much painful if you have some urgent or emergency to do. It takes long to charge if you are charging if your phone is on so in that case you have a trick you can turn your smartphone in simply airplane mode and it will bust up your charging speed while your phone is on. mobile hacks

mobile hacks

Hack your Wi-Fi password on Android (without root)

  1. First of all you have to install an application Wi-Fi  WPS  WPA  TESTR in your smartphone.  mobile hacks
  2. Now simply launch the app from app drawer and you can see it will start a scanning all the Wi-Fi networks around you.  mobile hacks

        3. Now you will see the Wi-Fi networks available around then see the aps right side of the door interlock if the             colour is green then the Wi-Fi is hacked and if it’s red then its not.

4. Now will you get the network with green lock sign at right then simply Tab on that network.

5. Now the info popup will appear and their simply click on connect option.

       6. Then on the next popup you will  be asked for root or no root simply select no root method there.

       7. On next popup menu you will see a list of pin which will help you to get into the Wi-Fi networks choose any             one of them and select connect route option.

      8. Now pin attack will start and it will take some time.

       9. Now if the pin network entry works successfully then it will show the network passed. Then copy the net                   password from clipboard and connect to the network.

     10. If the pin doesn’t work you will see an error message and then you have to try with another pin and it will                 definitely work.

That’s all you  have hacked the Wi-Fi password of the available networks.


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