NASA attempting to touch the sun..!!! NASA sun mission

NASA will be launching its latest space exploration sooner this month the Parker solar probe. NASA sun mission

This project has been named in honour of American physicist Eugene Parker. The first person who is spectacular trade then nature of solar winds in 1958.

No need to say that this would be the first time ever that NASA has honoured a living person with the name attached to a mission.

What actually will happen in this mission?

A robotic spacecraft would fly closer than any human-made object has ever been before, this would be Tremendously useful information if it succeeds to do so. This would be done over a period of seven years.

NASA space explorationLaunch details

This specially designed probe would be attached to United launch alliance Delta IV heavy expendable rocket. It would be launched into the space from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station situated in Florida on the morning of Saturday the 11th August.

This mission was planned long ago. The President George W Bush scripted out in 2003 to balance out the federal budget. The recent technological advancement in cooling system and fault management has made it possible for the scientists of NASA.

According to the reliable sources of information, the material of the probe is probably made up of 11 cm thick carbon-composite heat shield to stop it from burning up. The ambient temperature will be around 30°C.

The Travel

This probe would be travelling at a speed of 125 miles a second crowning it with one of the fastest ever created. NASA sun mission

Approximately by fifth November, the probe would hit perihelion.

The expected learnings

Project is basically intended to gather new information on “space weather” conditions that impact the functioning of earth. To study the main cause of coronal mass ejections which astronomers have observed.

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