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  • AMD will license custom graphics IP to Samsung.
  • The licensed IP will be based on AMD’s RDNA graphics architecture.
  • This deal is only for mobile devices.
  • the gaming experience will bost.

According to the latest information, AMD will license its mobile graphics design and intellectual property (IP) to Samsung to be used in its mobile devices, as well as smartphones, as a part of a long term partnership the companies informed on Monday.

AMD’s graphics IP ought to facilitate Samsung and it will benefit it in the vastly competitive smartphone market. The South Korean smartphone maker is likely to use the technology to boost the performance of its smartphones in graphics intensive tasks like mobile gaming. the companies haven’t shared any specifics at now, however, we expect to listen to more information in the soon months. According to a release shared by both the firms, the AMD-Samsung deal is restricted to mobile devices, a market section AMD has stayed away til now.

amd radeon for samsungAs a part of the deal, AMD will license custom graphics based on, supported recently announced RDNA graphics architecture to Samsung. RDNA graphics architecture was disclosed at Computex earlier this month and it’s probably to be used on next-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The smartphone graphics market is usually dominated by Qualcomm and ARM, whose chip designs are used in just about all Android smartphones.

Apple, on the opposite hand, presently designs its own graphics chips after breaking ties with UK-based Imagination Technologies in 2017. Samsung may be looking to go Apple’s style. The South Korean company Samsung already design its own smartphone chips and modems, however, it’s dependent on ARM for GPUs. Samsung, however, has been aforesaid to be working on its own graphics chips since 2012. AMD’s graphics experience will provide Samsung a foothold over different Android smartphone manufacturers and facilitate its higher competition with Apple.

The deal will also facilitate generate millions of dollars in revenue for AMD, which is making an attempt to claw its manner back within the laptop market. “As we have a tendency to inure troubling changes in technology and see new opportunities, our partnership with AMD can enable United States of America to bring groundbreaking graphics product and solutions to promote for tomorrow’s mobile applications,” aforesaid Inyup Kang, president of Samsung Electronics’ S.LSI Business. “We anticipate to operating with AMD to accelerate innovations in mobile graphics technologies that may facilitate take future mobile computing to the following level.”

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