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In the past few years, you can see a remarkable improvement has been done in the field of renewable energy. There have been lots of invention, but the main problem with these inventions is there efficiency and feasibility. most of them seem to be quite effective at their prototype but are not used in real life. solar energy is one of the most successful renewable energy. Rawlemon a solar energy company started by a German architect Andre Broessel is developing a spherical solar power generator, which is more efficient than a solar panel.

What is the spherical solar power generator?

Basically, the spherical solar power generator is a spherical glass ball which concentrates the sun energy at a particular point. At that point, a solar palate is kept which faces the high intensity of sunlight and the efficiency of solar panel increases. this could work even on a cloudy day or even when proper sunlight is not available.

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How does it work?

The spherical sun power generator created by Rawlemon is called the “beta.ray”. This generator uses the principle of spherical geometry with a dual-axis sun tracking system. The glass sphere is used to concentrate diffused sunlight into a small area at solar panels. The ball lens used is able to concentrate and diffuse light on one small focal point, which reduces the no. of solar cells required and increases the efficiency.

The “beta.ray” is a take on concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) technology, which uses multiple optical elements – such as mirrors and lenses – to reflect light into a super concentrated beam that is aimed at a solar cell. The “beta.ray” has a surface of tiny photovoltaic panels, also known as the collector, which is mounted on a dual-axis tracking system, which changes the direction according to the sun in order to face the sun perpendicularly at all times. This helps it to maximize the conversion efficiency of the sun’s rays. By having this tracking system constantly moving the collector to maximize efficiency, the spherical solar power generator can double the yield of a conventional solar panel in a much smaller surface area. The output would be similar compared to a conventional solar panel with a tracking system but according to Rawlemon, those tracking systems which is used currently are much more expensive and vulnerable to weather.

we have to see how true his claims are, and how effective his this invention is. The “beta.ray” is apparently even able to concentrate moonlight unlike conventional solar panels, but the power output from moonlight is very minimal at best.

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