xingu tribe

As we all know the Amazon rainforests in Brazil is continuously burning from more than a week at an alarming rate, indigenous tribes residing near the Xingu river have put out a message of continued resistance to protect the forests. “We are going to resist for our way of living, to produce without destroying, for the future of our children and grandchildren, for the planet,” a tribal woman said in the video message.

“No mining in our lands, no deforestation, no more invasions, and disrespect,” she added in her message to the world. The woman also urged people to join and support the indigenous tribes in protecting their homes in the rainforest. They have a website also the link is given please support them they are not just fighting for themselves but for us too.

Anmol Tiwary
Hello reader this is Anmol Tiwary. I am a mechanical engineer by profession. I love to gather information about technology and share them. My aim is to work for green energy as much as possible and create awareness for it. I am also a photographer. you can contact me @ [email protected]


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