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The world is crazy about energy and you must not want to leave a single opportunity of harvesting freely available natural energy. And we use Running water in mountains from many years for hydropower generation. But building a dam for it is not good for environment. It creates many problems like a landslide, soil erosion also kills the water bodies. In my previous article, I had discussed about whirlpool turbine which is safe for water bodies and sufficient to enlighten 80-100 houses. In this article, you will find about similar small hydropower generator.

Ena a small city in Gifu in central Japan, where an engineer named Masaya Sumino works in a metalworking factory has developed a revolutionary hydropower generator. This ultra-small water power generator has a casing of 1 meter by 28 centimeters as shown in the figure above.

“All flowing water has energy and I always thought it was a shame that we weren’t fully using this resource that’s what inspired me to come up with this concept for utilizing unused energy from nature,” said Sumino.

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The total weight of this water power generator is only 18 kilograms. According to the report from Japanese TV, this is the first-ever generator of its kind that can be easily carried by one person.

turbine to enlight street lightsThe lightweight and small size make this very compatible and handy. The turbine is already being used in many places to power the streetlights. It is using the force of water at roadside irrigation channels (clean drainage) to run the turbine blade.

The most interesting quality of this turbine is that it doesn’t require a high stream of water as in conventional turbines. Its construction is as simple that it can easily generate electricity from a gentle stream of water. Which makes it best suitable for use in the street light. I personally recommend all of you to have a look at this amazing invention. The turbine can easily replace solar street lamps, wherever it is possible to install. It is more economical and eco-friendly than solar lamps.

construction of small hydro power generatorThe construction of the ultra-small hydropower generator

The construction of this ultra-small water power generator is very simple. It consists of an iron casing inside which the turbine blade is mounted as in the figure. The generator is attached at one end of the casing. Which facilitates it to directly produce electricity and makes work easier. The front part of the casing is 15 cm higher than the lower side, which generates sufficient current inside water to run the turbine blades.

Sumino has shown its demo in a school, as Japan is one of the major disaster-prone areas. The turbine can be very helpful to them at the time of rescue.

“life in remote areas of the world that still lacked power there are many places where individuals or whole areas have no access to electricity if we can provide them with the means to make their own power they’ll be able to change their lives that’s my hope an ultra-small generator that could provide environmentally friendly electricity for any place on earth where there’s even a slight flow of water,” says Sumino.

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Company profile:

Name: Sumino Co., LTD

Address: 1074-15, Kusumi, Osashima Town, Ena City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan

Contact person details: Inventor: Masaya SUMINO
Email:[email protected]
Contact Number:090-2139-8179

website: http://suminoseisakusho.jp/



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