As the battle of hybrid supercars has already started all the sports car making companies are either has launched their hybrid model or have started to manufacture thus, Aston Martin is also developing a mid-engine hybrid supercar with Red Bull Racing.

This hybrid supercar is fit to battle with Ferrari 488, this unnamed supercar will ride on a bespoke platform which is developed especially for this model. Though it will have the valkyries race spec chases, it will get its own new Carbon fibre monocoque with Aluminium subframes.

aston martin 2020 interiorDesign aspect of Aston Martin supercar

The company has yet not given any hint how the upcoming Supercar will look but according to the famous car magazine, Top Speed they had created a design based on companies current design language and features.

According to that The headlamp is expected to remain same but they will have a uniquely safe, LED lights under the covers, the engine will be mounted behind the seats, the front hood won’t have any outlet or louvres, but this may change depending on the drivetrain of hybrid setup.

Aston_Martin-Valkyrie interiorInterior design it will have two sets of leather and Alcantara seats both of them will be race inspired seats. The supercar may have Carbon fibre trim and Flat bottom steering wheel.

There is no doubt that this mid-engine supercar will feature Aston Martin latest technology and also it will get probably some unique features from the hardcore Valkyrie, as it has the competitors like Ferrari and McLaren it will offer carbon-fibre seats similar to Valkyrie. (Valkyrie is a famous model of Aston Martins supercars.)

Valkyrie-8If we discuss its drive-train or about its power and engine it is aspected that this Supercar will get the Twin Turbo 4.4 litre V8 engine that Aston Martin is already using in Vantage and DB11. Its engine may be of 650 horsepower and more as it needs to compete with Ferrari 488. This car will be using a hybrid drive-train but according to the companies CEO Andy Palmer, it won’t use V12 engine like as in the Valkyrie.

aston martin 2020 super carThe Supercar is expected to compete in the same price range as that of Ferrari 488 GTB and Mclaren 720S it may be around$270,000 to $300,000 on the US market.



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