A luxurious high performance sports car or super car. There is no end of competition and demand in this market. Every super car manufacturers are always eager to make a Roadcrusher Bull which is all set to establish a new landmark and break the previous records made by other company or its predecessors. So here are some of the upcoming supercars to set the new record and rule the road.

Lamborghini Adventure SVJ coming to break all the ring record.

The upcoming supercar of Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce Jota is already shipping itself to break all the records of supercars. In the time of 6 minutes and 45 seconds, this Bad Bul will be at its top speed. The super impassive features of this Bull like rocking with more power, less weight and extra Aero stick to result in one of the brands most potent track weapons. Now, this amazing super Badass is completely focussed to secure its top position in Nurburgring record lap list. But this will not be so easy for this because it has the computers like Ferrari, Porsche Mc-Laren are waiting in the queue. Detailed specification of the car and its construction and engine design and aerodynamics and many more technical point of view click here..

2022 Alfa Romeo 8C

The Italian automaker is planning to create a new milestone in the market of supercars.
After a long gap approx of 8 years, Alfa Romeo 8C is returning back and with its amazing and more improved performance and look which is completely different from all is limited edition predecessors. The new 8C  will be coming with a package of 7 horsepower supercars that will be able to compete against its competitors like Ferrari Porsche and Lamborghini but the exact time-table when this speedybabe will be coming in the market is yet not declared but it is aimed to be released before 2022. Read more…

2020 Aston Martin mid-engine Supercar

Aston Martin has yet to bring a Supercar in the showroom but the Brits are already pending for
 a second Supercar lineup. The companies CEO told it is being developed with Red Bull. 130 
engineers and designers are already working on the project it is being designed on the basis 
of Ferrari 488 GTB. It is made with a carbon fibre monocoque with aluminium subframes. 
This car is expected to be available in market around 2020. 
It will be featuring Aston Martin latest technology and it will probably get some features from
 hard-core Valkyrie.

Lamborghini first future hypercar LB48H

Almost all automobile companies preparing for launching the hybrid model car, in such a situation how Lamborghini can be back in the race? To give them a new challenge Lamborghini is planning to launch its hybrid model which has a given codename now LB48H. The project is said to be for a long in the development that a prototype was showcased in a private event in Italy in a few weeks ago this hybrid Supercar is also tended to be arriving in 2020. This will be the Lamborghini’s first venture into the world’s Hypercars. This Supercar will be giving us more than what we can expect from Lamborghini. Production of this car may be started at the end of 2018 and it will be available in the market in the second half of 2019 right now only its prototype has been showcased.

Ferrari 488 GTB

It is a mid-engine sports car produced by Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari introduced in 2015 to replace its predecessor 458. This car is powered with a 3.9-liter twin Turbocharged V8 engine smaller in displacement and higher in output. It is the same as 458’s engine in naturally aspirated engine. The name 488 GTB to this model is given by a car magazine Top Gear. The available transmission for this 488 is automated manual dual class 7 speed. F1 gearbox manufacturer for Ferrari 458 which has been improved in handling with carbon ceramic brakes are supplied and delivered from the technology used in La Ferrari is reducing its stopping distance by 9% over its predecessor 458.


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